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NHSmail & BlackBerry

NHS personnel who have a BlackBerry mobile and wish to connect to the national NHS mail system can use NotifySync to synchronise their BlackBerry with their account. Email folders, calendars, contacts and tasks are sync'd with the most secure approved BlackBerry solution available for NHSmail.

NotifySync is a client software product which can be downloaded over the air onto a BlackBerry Smartphone and provides an Activesync protocol connection direct to the NHSmail server to provide full bi-directional synchronisation of email, calendar, contacts and tasks with full mirrored folders.

NotifySync is compatible with BIS or BES, WAP, standard TCP data plans (Web 'n' Walk or Web Bolt-on) and WiFi, please contact your mobile provider for more information.

NotifySync for NHSmail is a special version which has extra security built in, only for NHS users. This meets the most stringent security requirements stipulated in Connecting for Health guidelines for mobile connections.

NotifySync supports most BlackBerry models including 7000 & 8000 Curve and Pearl series and of course the latest BlackBerry models including Bold (9000), Curve/Javelin (8900), Storm (9500) series devices.

Purchase NotifySync to enable NHSmail for BlackBerry ActiveSync here and now.

NotifySync Features


  • Send, receive, reply and forward emails
  • Full Folder mirroring
  • Attachment viewing is supported
  • Emails with attachments can be forwarded 

PIM: (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks)

  • Interfaces to the BlackBerry's native calendar, contact and tasks applications
  • Synchronize calendar events
  • Remote lookup


  • SSL encryption protocol
  • Remote wipe for a lost or stolen device
  • Inactivity timeout  

Push types:

  • Supports direct push
  • Supports scheduled push intervals configurable by end user  

Supported email platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / SBS / BPOS / Office 365 / Live@Edu
  • Novell Groupwise DataSync
  • Kerio
  • CommuniGate Pro
  • Zimbra
  • Axigen
  • Google
  • Icewarp Server
  • Ipswitch Imail
  • Open X-Change
  • Zarafa
  • Scalix

BlackBerry OS7 now supported

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