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Purchase NotifySync - Step 1

In order to purchase NotifySync, please tell us where you or your company are based:
@ £99 Per Licence
(Annual renewal of £25 software assurance fee)
(+VAT for EU)

For help during installation please view and print the NotifySync Install Procedure Guide

Please note that Online payments through our site are currently in Pounds Sterling Only.   

London Web are authorised to sell Notify Technology Corp's products to organisations and individuals in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. If you buy outside of these territories we may have to refund your sale or transfer your account to the appropriate reseller or distributor for that region.

Euro Online pricing and payments coming very soon. If you would like to get a quote in your local currency for payment other than credit card please use any of the contact methods on our site to discuss your particular requirements.

In the meantime if you are buying now via credit or debit card you will be charged at your local rate by your credit card company.

Click here to see an estimate of the pricing in Euro's € from


NotifySync Features


  • Send, receive, reply and forward emails
  • Full Folder mirroring
  • Attachment viewing is supported
  • Emails with attachments can be forwarded 

PIM: (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks)

  • Interfaces to the BlackBerry's native calendar, contact and tasks applications
  • Synchronize calendar events
  • Remote lookup


  • SSL encryption protocol
  • Remote wipe for a lost or stolen device
  • Inactivity timeout  

Push types:

  • Supports direct push
  • Supports scheduled push intervals configurable by end user  

Supported email platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / SBS / BPOS / Office 365 / Live@Edu
  • Novell Groupwise DataSync
  • Kerio
  • CommuniGate Pro
  • Zimbra
  • Axigen
  • Google
  • Icewarp Server
  • Ipswitch Imail
  • Open X-Change
  • Zarafa
  • Scalix

BlackBerry OS7 now supported

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