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New version 4.10

NotifySync v4.10 has been released.

This version includes new features and bug fixes.

Changes/New Features

1. Multiple CICAL entries support.
2. Backup/Restore configuration support.
3. Show passwords support.
4. Improved message header field.
5. Image caching support.
6. Improved the zoom feature.
7. HTML signature support.
8. A menu option has been added (Preferences > Check For Updates) that checks and installs the updates.
9. A menu option has been added (Preferences > Status) that shows the time of the device’s last synchronization and the status of its network connections, power, and memory.

Bug Fixes

1. Names can be updated from servers in the contact on OS 4.5 and 4.6 devices.
2. Added Date and Time on the lock screen.
3. Fixed the issue for displaying Cursor when replying html emails.
4. Drafts can show body and email addresses in HTML messages.
5. Fixed the issue for selecting attachments in HTML messages after scrolling down and then back up.

NotifySync 4.9 has just been released.

In addition to the features under 4.8 and earlier (as below) NotifySync 4.9 now includes the following:

"This version includes new features and bug fixes.
New features include (but are not limited to) the following:

Password Recovery is now supported.
Account Settings screen now displays the last sync time.
A new SD Card log file is created daily; seven days of logs are retained.
A menu option has been added (Preferences > Device Info) that shows device information such as:
  • Device Model
  • Device OS
  • Device PIN
  • Network Type
  • NotifySync Version
  • Notify Core Library Version
  • Mail Server
  • ActiveSync protocol version

Bug fixes include the following:

Application will now automatically sync if Account information is changed.
Wrong error message was shown when the password was left blank and server required a password.
Correct spelling of "Synchronization beginning" in header.
Fixes issues with changing font sizes (seen as Folder name overlapping).

BlackBerry OS System Software Requirements
NotifySync 4.9.0 requires BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 or later and supports up to version 6.0.0.

Features/fixes included in v4.8:"

Blackberry OS 6 is officially supported. (BlackBerry 9800)

Changes / New Features
1. Out of Office handling
2. Email flag for follow-up
3. Individual selection of multiple messages
4. Real-time synchronization status display
5. Reply or forward messages without opening them
6. New mail indicator on Blackberry home screen
7. Option to only receive notifications of new or changed messages that are unread
8. Option not to sync when device is roaming
9. Lock the device on power up
10. Option to prompt for password when entering NotifySync
11. Added support for Thai character set (Windows-874)

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed issue with wrong media player being launched after downloading .wav files.
2. Fixed issue where attachments whose name contained space, ampersands (&), tildes (~), or "at" symbols (@) could not be downloaded.

NotifySync v4.7
Exciting new features include:-
  • HTML E-Mail support
  • Memo Sync
  • Two line Inbox display option
  • Multiple notification options
  • Auto SpellCheck option
  • Network Auto-Detect
  • ActiveSync v12 policy support
  • Improved Company Directory lookup
  • Multiple server Calendars sync to BlackBerry Calendar
  • New security features

New NotifySync v4.7 Datasheet with full feature comparison table
NotifySync comparison with other devices with built in ActiveSync

What's new in version 4.7?

Last Revised 11.17.09 NS 4.6 NS 4.7
Device Support    
Any BlackBerry Phone     X     X
Data Plan    
Can use BIS Data Plan Instead of BES Data Plan     X     X
Synchronization Method    
Does NOT Require a BlackBerry Enterprise Server     X     X
Directly Connect To Email Platform     X     X
Requires NotifySync Client to Be Downloaded on BlackBerry Device     X     X
Supports Both Direct Push and Scheduled Push     X     X
Bi-Directional Email Synchronization ( Mark Read and Delete)     X     X
Support for Folder Synchronization     X     X
Originate/Compose     X     X
CC, BCC, Reply, Reply to All, Delete, Forward     X     X
Recipient Type     X     X
View Recipient List     X     X
View Response History     X     X
Attachment View For Office Suite     X     X
Audio and Visual Notifications     X     X
Auto Complete Email addresses     X     X
Over the Air Calendar Synchronization     X     X
Over the Air Personal Contact Synchronization     X     X
Over the Air Task Synchronization     X     X
Calendar Synchronization Range     X     X
Accept/Decline Meeting Invitations from Device     X     X
Create Meeting Invitation from Device     X     X
Remote Global Address Lookup     X     X
Leverage Native PIM applications from Device     X     X
SSL Encryption of data-in-motion     X     X
Remote Wipe     X     X
Device Password Requirement       X
Maximum Password Length       X
Alphanumeric Password Requirement       X
Inactivity TimeOut       X
Maximun Failed Unlock Attempts       X
Device Encryption Requirement       X
Simple Password Permission       X
Password Expiration       X
Password History       X
Maximum Calendar Age Filter       X
Maximun Email Age Filter       X
HTML Email Permission       X
Email At Rest Data Encryption using 128/192/256 Bit Key Lengths       X
MISC Features    
ActiveSync 2.5 Support     X (Wipe Only)     X
Active 12.0 and 12.1 Support       X
Exchange Server Auto Discovery       X
HTML Email Support       X
Auto Spell Check Option       X
Improved Attachment Viewing Interface       X
.eml Attachment Support       X
Company Directory Lookup On Email compose and Forward       X
Sensitivity of Calendar Items       X
Email Folder Contents Sorting (Subject/From/Date)       X
Optional Two Line Display       X
Multiple Server Calendars to One BlackBerry Calendar       X
Memo Synchronization       X
Draft Folder Synchronization       X
Reverse OTA Load of PIM Option       X
Network Auto Detect       X
Registration and Preferences Now Have Help Screens       X
Include Self In Reply to All       X
Remove a Recipient in a Reply To All       X
Improved Notification Alerts for email, calendar, contacts, and tasks       X

NotifySync Features


  • Send, receive, reply and forward emails
  • Full Folder mirroring
  • Attachment viewing is supported
  • Emails with attachments can be forwarded 

PIM: (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks)

  • Interfaces to the BlackBerry's native calendar, contact and tasks applications
  • Synchronize calendar events
  • Remote lookup


  • SSL encryption protocol
  • Remote wipe for a lost or stolen device
  • Inactivity timeout  

Push types:

  • Supports direct push
  • Supports scheduled push intervals configurable by end user  

Supported email platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / SBS / BPOS / Office 365 / Live@Edu
  • Novell Groupwise DataSync
  • Kerio
  • CommuniGate Pro
  • Zimbra
  • Axigen
  • Google
  • Icewarp Server
  • Ipswitch Imail
  • Open X-Change
  • Zarafa
  • Scalix

BlackBerry OS7 now supported

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